Dear reader,

Since October 2022, the SUNNYCLOCK App has been available for betatesting in four languages – German, French, Italian and English – from both the App Store and the Play Store (over invitations from within the app). The whole team is now very excited about the feedback from the market and the further development, which the SUNNYCLOCK App will expect in the future. We are convinced that SUNNYCLOCK will provide the added value for your leisure planning that we personally have missed in other solutions on the market. Our motivation for the development of SUNNYCLOCK was based on the fact that many existing communication solutions ignored the most important aspect of digital communication – to make plans together with friends.  SUNNYCLOCK reduces the planning effort for all kind of group activities and events to a minimum. The resulting shared moments with friends and family are the breeding ground of our daily work motivation at SUNNYCLOCK. In addition, these moments determine the creation of a meaningful financial value creation. Ultimately, SUNNYCLOCK should earn money when people come together and have great experiences as a group.

We hope that you can identify with this vision and will continue to work on it in the future so that the SUNNYCLOCK app supports you in your leisure time and gives you a lot of pleasure.

Representative for the whole SUNNYCLOCK team,

Fabio Rusca (founder of SUNNYCLOCK AG)