Data download

How can you optimize the data download? Under Settings/Data Download you can tell the SUNNYCLOCK app which data should be downloaded via WI-FI and which via the mobile network. This allows you to customize your data download according to the terms of your contract with the mobile operator.


How can you backup your data? (This feature is not yet live – we keep you posted) Create your backup on your Google or Apple cloud via Settings/Backup in the menu, so that you can restore your SUNNYCLOCK data at any time in case of loss or defect of your phone. Go to Settings/Backup and …


What can a poll be used for? A SUNNYCLOCK poll can be used not only as a poll but also as a pinboard to exchange and discuss ideas. In the case of a poll, the likes of a pin can be used for decision making.

Event settings

Which event settings can be changed? The group administrator can change the image, the name and the date(s) of the event at any time. All participants can also set each event to silent.


Who can create events within a group? Only group admins can create events within a group.However, participants in a group can also use the “+ Event” button in a group. If a participant wants to create a new event with the same group participants, the group is automatically copied and a new event is created. …