How can you update the SUNNYCLOCK app? For Android phones, please search and update SUNNYCLOCK in Google Playstore.For iPhones, please search for and update SUNNYCLOCK in the Apple App Store.


What data do you have to enter to setup the SUNNYCLOCK app? SUNNYCLOCK only needs your phone number for registration and sends you a 6-digit verification code for identification. In addition, a SUNNYCLOCK name is required to create a profile.


How do you install the SUNNYCLOCK App? Download the Android version in the Play StoreDownload the iOS version from the App Store SUNNYCLOCK supports the following Android devicesSUNNYCLOCK supports the following iOS devices


Why do you need SUNNYCLOCK? Half the life of an adult is leisure time. Make sure to spend this time on activities and people you love. SUNNYCLOCK makes planning of activities and events easy and entertaining for individuals and groups and empowers you to experience great moments together with your friends and family by reducing …