Phone lost or stolen

What should you do if your phone is stolen or if you have lost your phone?

If you lose your phone, notify your mobile operator immediately and have the SIM card blocked. The SUNNYCLOCK account on the lost phone can then no longer be verified.

Now you have two possible ways to proceed:

1. Get a new SIM card with the same phone number. Activate SUNNYCLOCK with this new SIM card. Since SUNNYCLOCK with a phone number can only be activated on one device, SUNNYCLOCK will be deactivated on the lost phone. This is the fastest way to disable SUNNYCLOCK on the lost phone.

2. Since SUNNYCLOCK can also be used without a mobile phone network via WI-FI, you should request the deactivation of your account at unless you select option (1). Write “Deactivation of my account” in the subject line and enter your telephone number in international form in the e-mail. The SUNNYCLOCK team will take care of the deactivation as soon as possible. With a new SIM card and a new number, you can register again on SUNNYCLOCK.

Attention: Since both case 1 and case 2 are equivalent to the registration of a new user, you will not be able to use any backups on Google Drive or Apple Cloud to recover your data.