Data deletion

How can you delete your data?

Deleting Chat Content

Via Settings/Data storage in the app’s menu you can delete contents of group chats. You can delete a chat elememt as well from the element itself. These actions will delete all your data locally on your phone.

NOTE: Messages and media sent by you can still exist on the phones of the group participants despite deletion. These data cannot be deleted by SUNNYCLOCK.

Deleting Events

Created events can only be deleted by group admins. Deleting an event will remove the full content of an event for all group participants including the gallery and all actions (tasklists, polls).

Deleting Actions (Polls/Tasklist)

Items like tasklists and polls can only be deleted from the item itself by the creator of the element or the admins of the group. This deletion is permantely and will be affected for all group participants.