Connect your calendars

How can you synchronize SUNNYCLOCK with your personal calendars?

SUNNYCLOCK offers two different options for linking to your calendars.

1) Display calendar entries within SUNNYCLOCK

To ensure you always have an overview of your planning when selecting new event dates or accepting or rejecting invitations, you can display all the calendar accounts in your smartphone within SUNNYCLOCK. Simply select calendar accounts whose entries you want displayed in the SUNNYCLOCK App under Settings/Calendar in the menu.

2) Add SUNNYCLOCK events to a calendar

If you would like to display the SUNNYCLOCK events in one of your calendars, then select a calendar account under Settings/Calendars, in which SUNNYCLOCK should automatically enter your events. SUNNYCLOCK automatically syncs selected dates in your calendars and edits date modifications if necessary.

Combining 1) and 2) is leading to a fully sychronised calendar managed by SUNNYCLOCK.