Event channels that fuel your passions

SUNNYCLOCK soon hosts event and activity channels from leisure, gastronomy and other providers to ensure you always find the right event or activity for you and your friends.

Currently 10 pioneer partners to start a channel in 2024

Simply follow event channels

SUNNYCLOCK channels tailor the types of events to the individual needs of the groups, maximizing the possible encounters and the enjoyment of each group.

Simply never get lost in planning

SUNNYCLOCK channels get integrated into the leisure planning of inidivdual groups, so that planning becomes as easy as possible.

Simply attend events and buy offers

SUNNYCLOCK channels allow to confirm attendance and at a later stage even buy offers directly within the app.

Simply share
your passions with friends

SUNNYCLOCK channels are a breeding ground for recurring experiences as a group and thus for nurturing meaningful relationships and passions.