Leisure planning together with friends

SUNNYCLOCK combines chat, scheduling and interaction and makes planning activities and events easy and fun for individuals and groups.

Simply turn ideas into reality

SUNNYCLOCK provides a group environment with a multifunctional chat to spontaneously transform ideas into activities with your friends and family.

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Simply find a date

SUNNYCLOCK offers poll options for single and repeating dates and cares about finding the right date and time for your activity or your event.

Simply plan together

SUNNYCLOCK unites ideas and opinions on interactive polls and tasklists increasing anticipation of every event.

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Simply invite guests by sharing weblinks

SUNNYCLOCK gives you the ability to invite people outside of the app to your events by simply sharing a web link or QR Code of the event for the creation of a guest list.

Simply share unforgettable moments

SUNNYCLOCK retains all your private moments as photos and videos on an interactive gallery creating unforgettable memories.

Use SUNNYCLOCK for various activities